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The History of Lusi dates back over fifty years. It began in 1964, in Cardano al Campo in the heart of the Varese textile district. Luciana and Silvio Tubaldo, decided to expand and research even further their already established years of experience in the embroidery industry and founded their own company,

A family business that focused on quality and creativity, the “Made in Italy” concept, the excellence of artisanship that characterises the industrial district. Driven by a strongly growing market, in 1982, the company became Ricamificio Lusi, the acronym of the names of the two founders. Today, with about twenty employees, Lusi continues the family tradition with the second generation: Alberto, AnnaChiara and Andrea Tubaldo.

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Lusi is a blend of expertise, research, experimentation, flexibility and accuracy in its skills. It is the ideal partner for the world of fashion, for even the most sophisticated, high-end workmanship.
Over the years, it has consolidated its presence in the Italian, European and International markets. Relying on high-quality workmanship and painstaking attention to detail in manufacturing.

Today, Lusi works with major Italian fashion brands, but also brands from France, Germany, Britain, USA, Lebanon, China and Arab countries. Lusi’s in-house designers work closely with fashion designers to create garments that are unique in terms of the type of embroidery, colours and fabrics.


In addition to the creativity and attention to detail that goes into its products, Lusi believes that two other key pillars of the “Made in Italy” concept are quality and the environment. Sometimes taken for granted, these two themes are transformed into a major asset of Lusi’s textile processing and industrial embroidery, because they protect the environment around us, the production workers, but also end consumers, the people wearing the garment tailored with fabrics embroidered by Lusi.

A process undertaken in the company a few years ago, first through the adoption of a 14 kW photovoltaic plant, then with the installation of reflective films in the 1,500 square metres of the production plant, workshops, designers dept., and warehouse. The search for high quality, environmentally friendly production does not stop here: the new “green” project involves replacing the traditional lighting system to reduce energy consumption.

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Quality is the watchword guiding the work carried out by Lusi every day. Starting with the specialised staff with extensive experience in the world of embroidery.
The quest for quality continues in the adoption of new production machines, in the choice of the best raw materials, in respect for the environment and in small daily chores that are its hallmark

Flexibility in order management does not undermine the high quality of the finished product. On the contrary, it is a further stimulus to the accuracy of the final inspection. Lusi carries out a visual and manual inspection of each finished product to ensure that fashion designers receive a perfectly embroidered fabric in line with their stylistic needs. Lusi’s quality is well knownand much appreciated in many markets, where fashion is an increasingly significant economy. “The Lusi Style” stands out in the pairings, in the cutting by hand, in the research of colours, in the depth of trials and in the creativity for the development of a design.