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Design and creativity are the basis of Lusi’s work every day,
a commitment that contributes to giving life to unique creations.

Products capable of conveying emotions.

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Lusi’s in-house designers are the beating heart of the company, developing two collections every year, setting trends in the world of embroidery and fashion in general.

Original geometric and floral designs applied to leather, linen, silk, denim, voile, chiffon, fur and macramé.

From a technical viewpoint, Lusi has no limits in manufacturing: it can embroider on any fabric and in any colour, apply Swarovski™ crystals or ’embroider’ using lasers.

Its designers are constantly on the lookout for new ideas to develop and implement in embroidery: producing more than 300 samples annually.


In the field of industrial embroidery, investment in the best machinery is a characterising element, but for Lusi applying the ability, experience and expertise of their staff is a major. These elements to produce and create unique products constitutes a technological advantage.
One example is their skill in punching, which leads to the development of incredible complex and precise designs.

The two collections and exclusive collaboration with fashion designers results in annual production of over 100,000 metres of embroidered fabrics (2014 data). This capacity, however, has no limits, because Lusi‘s flexibility found also in the system it has built with trusted partnersis able to guarantee the same quality level of “Made in Lusi”.

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Lusi’s different collections stand outand follows the trends of the season, often anticipating them.

These collections, developed specifically for fashion houses, haute couture, prêt-à-porter, bridal, and lingerie designers undergo strict automated and manual Quality Control checks at the production line from start to finish.


In its archives, Lusi stores a creative heritage of thousands of samples, the result of the research, brilliance and creativity of its designers.
Lusi’s products are also characterised by the strong impression that comes from exclusive collaboration with fashion designers: knowledge that is not an end in itself, but becomes part of Lusi’s heritage and spills over into its two annual collections.

At the same time, Lusi has developed a production of embroidered fashion accessories, consisting of necklaces, collars, scarves and cuffs, as well as a children’s clothing collection for special occasions.

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